Biden To Go Full Robin Hood And Tax The Rich To Help Students And Families

President Biden wants to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and use the money to pay for education and family programs.

Politico reported:

And perhaps even more to the point: How much will they seek to raise in taxes from the better off and corporations? Well: Not sure yet, according to Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).

The Biden team is envisioning higher taxes on corporations picking up the tab for infrastructure, while tax hikes on the rich would fund new initiatives for families and education. But Wyden has by now acknowledged in several interviews that Democrats on the Hill are still working through just how big they want to go on this front.

Some of those education programs that the White House is looking at likely include student loan forgiveness and plans to make college free or more affordable. In terms of families, there could be anything from programs to help families buy a home to promoting food and health care stability. The biggest problem that many families face is financial, so it would not be shocking to see the Biden build on the stimulus to help give families an economic leg up.

President Biden and his administration are advancing some of the most progressive ideas in American politics since The Great Society.

Biden is going full Robin Hood, and in the process taking on economic inequality in the United States.

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