Dr. Birx Admits That She Lied And Killed Americans To Save Her Job

Dr. Deborah Birx said that she wasn’t allowed to nationally give people the truth on COVID, but instead of resigning, she lied to save her job.


Birx said on a CNN special about the federal coronavirus response, And that facilitated to be frank with regional and local press and governors and mayors and be very clear about mask mandates and closing bars and severely restricting indoor dining and all of these elements that I was never allowed to say nationally.”

She was asked if she was being censored, and she answered, “Clearly, someone was blocking me from doing it. My understanding was I could not be national because the president might see it.”

Birx is admitting that she lied to the American people. She did it to save her job.

Imagine the national platform that she could have if she would have resigned and gone on national television for days to tell the truth about what the American people should be doing to stay safe. She would have blown the whistle on Trump’s failed response and gotten the truth to the American people.

Deborah Birx was in a trusted position during a pandemic, and she knowingly misled people.

This is what Birx chose to tell people instead of the truth:

Birx responded to Trump’s pressure by censoring herself.

Deborah Birx chose to save her job instead of saving American lives.

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