For The First Time In 4 Years, More Voters Say The US Is On The Right Track

For the first time in four years, more voters say the country is on the right track than say it is on the wrong track.

The Hill reported on the latest Harris Poll:

And for the first time in the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll’s roughly four-year history, more voters say the country is on the “right track” than the “wrong track.” Forty-six percent of respondents gave the country’s overall direction a positive review compared to 43 percent who said it is on the “wrong track.”

Voters are split when it comes to their perception of the U.S. economy. Forty-two percent said that the economy is heading in the right direction, while just as many said it is heading in the wrong direction.

The numbers on the direction of the economy represent a thirteen-point improvement since January. President Biden‘s overall approval rating is 61%, and his approval for his pandemic response is still over 70%.

President Biden has restored optimism back to the country. Donald Trump never had a single day as president when his approval rating was over 50%, and voters never believed that he was taking the country in the right direction.

Republicans who think that Trump is their messiah who will lead them back to power need to look again. President Biden has had a very successful early presidency, but numbers also show how brutally unpopular Trump and his ideas were with a majority of the country.

It is not a coincidence that American optimism returned after Donald Trump was kicked to the curb.

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