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Congressman Ted Lieu Calls for Matt Gaetz to be Removed From House Judiciary Committee

It has been a wild day for Florida Representative Matt Gaetz. Earlier in they day, many were surprised by rumors that the Trump sycophant could be leaving his post to go serve as a political commentator on Newsmax.

But later in the day, Americans got a hint as to why he could be leaving. In a bombshell report, the New York Times revealed that Gaetz is being investigated by the Department of Justice on potential sex trafficking charges.

As of right now, though, Gaetz is still a sitting member of the House of Representatives. And along with that job comes an assignment on the House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Ted Lieu is calling on the Florida Rep. to be removed from that committee until the investigation is completed.

The California Democrat took to his Twitter account, writing, “Rep Matt Gaetz should be taken off the @HouseJudiciary Committee until the @TheJusticeDept investigation is completed. He should not be sitting on a Congressional Committee with oversight over the DOJ while the Department is investigating him.”

Gaetz has responded to the accusations in a number of ways tonight. He claims, “The allegations against me are as searing as they are false. I believe that there are people at the Department of Justice who are trying to criminalize my sexual conduct, you know when I was a single guy. You know, I’ve paid for flights, for hotel rooms. I’ve been, you know, generous as a partner. I think someone is trying to make that look criminal when it is not.”


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