Romney Says He Won’t Support Gun Reform

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) announced he would not support gun reform and will not vote for new federal gun laws.

“I made that commitment when I ran for office, and I intend to honor that commitment,” he said during a meeting with The Salt Lake Tribune’s editorial board. “So I will not be voting for new federal legislation related to guns and leave to the Legislature of Utah, closest to our people, any decisions they have in that regard.”


Romney said he thinks gun reform should be addressed on the state level. He also spoke about the future of the Republican Party and said he hopes party officials will nominate a “new face” to run for president in 2024.

I hope we have a nominee in 2024 who believes in standing up against authoritarianism,” he said. “Who believes that character really does matter in elected officials, who believes that trade with other nations on a fair basis is a good thing for America.”


Romney’s statements on gun reform prompted Rachel Miller, a parent who lives in his district, to publish a letter in The Salt Lake Tribune urging him to act.

“With every mass shooting (Every! Mass! Shooting!) I feel like the families in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” sorry but relieved that someone else drew the black spot this time. But other countries have given up the lottery completely,” she wrote. “Sen. Romney, I believe you are willing to reach across the aisle for logical legislation. Please, please work towards gun reform.”