Delta Airlines Blasts Georgia Voter Suppression In Nightmare For GOP

Delta Airlines is the largest employer in Georgia, and the company CEO has released a new memo blasting Georgia’s voter suppression laws.

CNBC reported on the memo:

Delta is the state of Georgia’s largest employer. Emory University is second, and Fort Benning is third, so when the state’s biggest employer absolutely hammers legislative action taken by the legislature and governor, there will be consequences.

The Georgia Republican Party has chosen the Trump path for their future, and there will be consequences. It is hard to imagine Delta’s CEO releasing this sort of strongly worded memo and the company still donating to the state’s Republicans.

It is under the radar, but it looks like big business is dumping the Republican Party in Georgia.
Activists are putting the heat on big companies like Coca-Cola and Delta in Georgia.

By choosing Trump’s Big Lie over voting rights, Georgia Republicans may find themselves out of luck, out of money, and soon out of office.

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