Rep. Matt Gaetz’s Extortion Story Just Completely Fell Apart

Rep. Gaetz is trying to muddy the waters, but his claims of extortion, are unrelated to the federal investigation of Gaetz’s potential sex crimes.

The Washington Post reported:
The men who approached Gaetz’s father, people familiar with the matter said, had no apparent connection to the sex crimes investigation of his son, other than having somehow learned about it before it was publicly reported. But when news of law enforcement’s interest in Gaetz surfaced Tuesday, the congressman asserted that the allegation was “rooted in an extortion effort against my family for $25 million,” and he identified by name a former federal prosecutor who he said was part of the effort.

While the Justice Department investigates possible sex crimes, the FBI is separately examining whether the request to his father about Levinson might constitute extortion, with Gaetz and his family as possible victims.
Rep. Gaetz has tried to confuse people into thinking that the sex trafficking investigation was part of the extortion plot when it appears that they were two separate matters. If this was an extortion plot, it came from someone finding out about the sex crimes investigation.

The sex trafficking investigation into Rep. Gaetz was not created to extort him and his family. Gaetz was already under investigation before the men approached his father.

Matt Gaetz is trying to lie his way out of trouble, and just like Trump, he has created a conspiracy theory to distract Republicans from his potential crimes.

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