Democrats Have A Plan To Boot Lauren Boebert Out Of The House

Democrats have a strong challenger who is raising big money and a plan to defeat Trumper Lauren Boebert in the House.

Politico reported:

Kerry Donovan raised more than $614,000 in just 55 days for her 2022 campaign. That’s a massive haul for a challenger in the first quarter of the off-year. Donovan, a rancher, and educator who serves as the president pro tem of the Colorado state Senate, is tapping into some of the blowback against Boebert, who boosted Trump’s false election fraud claims and enthusiastically backed the effort to object to the certification of Joe Biden’s win on Jan. 6.


Democrats are excited about Donovan because they think they have a real chance of ousting Boebert, who only won her rural western Colorado district by 6 points in 2020 — and it will be redrawn this year by an independent commission. Dems have a better chance of victory here than in the deep-red seats held by other conservative firebrands; Greene, for example, won her northwest Georgia seat by 50 points.

Most of the loudest Trump defenders in the House are in very safe far-right districts. The micro-politics of these districts means that the more they defend Trump, the more likely they are to be rewarded by their constituents.

The problem for Boebert is that is not in one of these districts, and once his district is independently redrawn, she could be vastly out of step with voters.

$614,000 is a jaw-dropping sum of money to raise in less than two months for a House race, and it suggests that the small donor base on the left is not content with winning power in 2020. They intend on keeping it in 2022.

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