Listen: Sean Hannity Says Anti-Asian Attacks Are Happening Because the Police Have Been Defunded

Over the last year, attacks on Asian people in the United States have spiked. It’s not difficult to trace back the source of these attacks. Donald Trump was desperate to cover up his consistent failure in combating the Conronavirus. He consistently referred to the illness as the China virus.

And people on the Fox News network were more than happy to push the former president’s propaganda. During a recent radio segment, Sean Hannity argued that attacks on Asians weren’t because of Trump. instead, the Fox host said, it’s because the police have been defunded.

Hannity began, “If you like the United Socialist Utopia of California and you like the United Socialist Utopia that is New York, well, that’s what Joe Biden wants for America. That’s what Kamala Harris wants. That’s what Nancy Pelosi wants, that’s what Schumer wants, that’s what every Democrat there wants. That’s what AOC wants. ”

The Fox host continued:

“You want to know what cutting — you want what defunding the police looks like? Look at New York. Look at what happened to this — what — 65 year old woman. I don’t even know how she managed to survive it — with the kicking in the head as she tried to make her way to church, I read. The guy beats up his mom– yeah, that guy — kills his mom — that’s the guy that beat that woman.”

Listen to the segment below, courtesy of iHeartRadio