Biden Laughs At Mitch McConnell Then Masterfully Turns Republican Voters Against Him

President Biden laughed off Mitch McConnell’s threat to oppose the infrastructure bill then turned Republican voters against McConnell.

Video of President Biden:

Biden was asked about McConnell’s threat to oppose the infrastructure bill.

He responded with laughter and then said:

If the Republicans argue that we don’t need infrastructure, they’ve been talking about the need for it for years now. If the Republicans decide that we need it, but they are not going to pay for it it is just going to increase the deficit. If the Republicans say the next phase of my plan, we don’t need to invest in VA hospitals and keep the sacred obligation we made to so many Americans.

If the Republicans say that the 400,000 homes and schools and daycare centers that have lead pipes delivering water to their doors, if they say we shouldn’t be doing that, what do you think would happen if they found out all the lead pipes were up in the Capitol and every time they turned on the water fountain? Look, I think we are going to — I think the Republicans voters are going to have a lot to say about whether or not we get a lot this done.

The polling shows that the main components of President Biden’s infrastructure plan are broadly popular. Support ranges from 74%-87% of seven provisions of the plan. There are a whole lot of Republicans who support increased infrastructure spending.

President Biden is masterfully appealing to the broad consensus among the American people and placing McConnell and Republicans in Congress in isolation on a right-wing fringe island of their own.

Mitch McConnell threatens Joe Biden, and the President responds with laughter because he knows that the vast majority of Americans are on his side, and McConnell is only digging the hole deeper for his party in future elections to come.

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