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Opinion: Conservative claims Biden’s Infrastructure plan is a scam to control America

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Republicans are renowned for their opposition to anything related to helping Americans, and according to a conservative columnist President Biden’s infrastructure initiative must be stopped it in its tracks because it is an attack on the principles that make America free.

The theme of the conservative columnist’s rant about why Republican opposition to helping Americans has to be swift and relentless is because the Biden American Jobs Plan’s is a “bait and switch.” It’s true purpose, according to the opinion piece, is definitely not about helping the people; it is to impose government direction and control of the economy and the American people’s social life.

The author says Republicans have to stop the infrastructure plan, but they have to offer a better alternative – like they did with 

President Obama’s recovery plan and the Affordable Care Act. As anyonee with a pulse knows, Republicans had no intention of ever proposing an alternative plan for health care reform or infrastructure improvements. They will not have one now or in the future. Republicans oppose any policy or program to help all Americans and they will never change because they are conservatives and they hate change.

According to the conservative, Republicans have to exert opposition to the federal government planning to help Americans and America because that opposition is a central, political premise and a core principle of conservative beliefs.

Republicans also have to oppose helping all Americans because “conservatives believe that America’s initiative and free markets are sources of national strength.Let the people be damned.

Two of the features of the infrastructure plan the conservative opposed out of hand was that hundreds of billions are set aside to build affordable housing,”  and there is that nasty climate saving effort to push power generation away from carbon-based fuels.” He also hates the idea of promoting union jobs in America that will help Americans earn a living wage; all things that Republicans claim destroy a free society.

It is noteworthy that the conservative equates helping Americans with eliminating America’s free society and notes that America already has everything the people need to maintain a free society such as an extensive social safety net, environmental protections and subsidized access to education;

However, false and misleading as that statement is, he claims

that the infrastructure bill “does away with the principles that make America free. It is typically conservative code for pushing to maintain the status quo of furthering the Republican principles of enriching the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the people’s needs.

Like all Republicans, the conservative opposes expanding public mass transit because (rich) people don’t use mass transit. And in a nod to the fossil fuel industry, he claims that fixing roads, ports, airports, and schools should be paid for with a healthy tax on electric and hybrid vehicles. Somebody has to pay, but not the wealthy and not corporations.

According to this conservative, Republicans should vehemently oppose the job training aspect of the infrastructure bill. At issue is committing tens of billions of dollars for “job-training schemes” that prop up community colleges or training Americans to qualify for an abomination such as “the Civilian Climate Corps. The columnist considers offering those kinds of educational opportunities and job prospects asusing the velvet glove of good jobs to mask the iron fist of government economic planning.


Mr. Olsen wraps up his false representation of the American Jobs Plan by advising Republicans to learn from Reagan and present real freedom-preserving alternatives; the kinds of alternatives that are no different from every Republican administration over the past several decades. 

He also claims to speak for all Americans in saying the people don’t want to live in a society where the government helps with better jobs, better roads, better educational opportunities, and a cleaner environment. And he says if that if that is what some people want, they will get a governmentdirected semi-socialist country; the opposite of the corporate fascist society Republicans have spent decades creating under the guise of making America great again, and again, and again.

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