Congress Is Ready To Act If Social Security Commissioner Keeps Blocking Stimulus Payments

Congress is signaling that they are ready to act if Trump holdover Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul continues to delay stimulus checks.

Video of Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ):

Rep. Pascrell said, “30 million people have had their stimulus checks held up. These are the people most vulnerable in the country. The Social Security (Administration) was supposed to provide information to the IRS. The IRS sent out the checks, many of us squawked about this and said, buddy, get it going right away. These people got to get their checks. We hope that all of the checks will be out by next week. If not, they’re going to hear from us. And I am prepared to ask for the resignation of the chairman of Social Security. These holdovers from the Trump administration have closed and shut the government in many instances.”

The Biden administration has sent signals that Saul’s days are numbered by designating him an acting official even though he was Senate confirmed to a term that is supposed to run until 2025.

If President Biden and congressional Democrats are going to implement their vision for an expanded and thriving Social Security program, they need to get rid of the Trump appointees at Social Security. Congress can play a vital role by turning up the pressure and generating unwanted attention on the actions of the Trump holdovers.

Biden has had a full plate with the pandemic, the economy, and having to rebuild the asylum system that Trump destroyed. There is no doubt that the Trump holdovers will be kicked to the curb, but public pressure is needed to make sure that it happens quickly.

Social Security recipients are some of the Americans who are in the most economic need, and they can’t afford to wait.

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