Sen. Jon Ossoff Devastates Georgia Republicans After MLB All-Star Game Bails On Jim Crow

Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA) made a devastatingly accurate argument that Georgia Republicans are causing the state to hemorrhage money and jobs with their new Jim Crow.

Here is Ossoff’s statement:

Sen. Ossoff was right. The state’s economy is going to be absolutely pummeled, not because corporate America has suddenly grown a conscience, but because being associate with the overt racism of voter suppression is bad for business. Being associated with trying to destroy democracy is also not a good look for big business either.

Losing the All-Star game is projected to cost Georgia $60-$89 million in economic impact alone.

The damage being done to the state’s economy is not being caused by “liberals,” Stacey Abrams, or Joe Biden. Republicans decided that they were mad about losing in 2020, so they would attack democracy in the state.

They thought that they could get away with it, but they were wrong.

The economic consequences are only the beginning. The state will face numerous expensive lawsuits, and they may have given Democrats the momentum to pass voting rights legislation.

Sen. Ossoff is right. The damage is all on Republicans, and the consequences of their crimes against democracy have yet to come.

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