Mitch McConnell Just Threatened Corporations For Not Supporting GOP Racism

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell threatened corporations with “consequences” if they continue to stand against racist voter suppression laws.

McConnell said:

Mitch McConnell is a leader in a political party that depends on donations from the wealthiest Americans and corporations for its survival, so it seems that the power in this situation rests with the corporations, which, if they chose to do so, could turn off the money supply to McConnell and the Republican Party at any time.

Sen. McConnell can’t do much to anyone as the Senate Minority Leader. He can make speeches on the Senate floor or go on Fox News, but he doesn’t control what bills make it to the Senate floor anymore or what gets a final vote.

McConnell’s threat is empty. There is little that he can do to corporate America.

The “pro-business” Republican Party has reached a point where they are threatening businesses who said that every eligible American should have equal access to the ballot box, and those voting laws that target minorities are wrong and need to be changed.

That is the entire position that has Republicans outraged.

Mitch McConnell is threatening corporate America because they won’t turn a blind eye toward Republican racism.

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