Republican Threats Backfire After United Joins Delta And American In Condemning Voter Suppression Laws

Republicans have now spent days threatening corporations for supporting democracy, but those threats are only making more companies denounce their voter suppression laws.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) threatened corporate America if they didn’t get onboard with the GOP’s racist voter suppression campaign, but that didn’t bother United Airlines:

Delta, United, and American have all publicly announced opposition to voter suppression bills.

It is almost as if corporate America decided that being on the same side as a bunch of anti-democratic racists might not be good for business, and make no mistake about it. Corporate America is not “woke.” They are simply trying to avoid looking racist because to everyone outside of the Republican Party, racism is a bad thing.

Republicans have been all over the place threatening Delta, threatening Coke, and anyone else who dares to say that trying to take away the vote from African Americans is a bad thing, but it isn’t working. If Republicans boycott both Delta and United soon, they won’t be able to fly anywhere.

The puppets of corporate America are trying to bully the puppet masters, and it backfiring on the GOP in a way that could haunt the party for years to come.

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