Maybe Postpone This One? Matt Gaetz Will Speak at a Women For America First Event at Trump’s Doral Club on Friday

The night that news broke that the DOJ was investigating Matt Gaetz for sex trafficking, Tucker Carlson invited him on his show. The interview, seen as a favor for the Florida congressman, went off the rails almost immediately. Carlson later referred to the spot as one of the weirdest interviews he’s ever conducted.

And since then, much of the GOP has abandoned the embattled Florida lawmaker. Republicans like Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene defended him, but other than that, it’s been crickets. Even Donald Trump, who Gaetz stood by every step of the way, hasn’t said a word about the scandal.

And despite the fact that Gaetz is accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenager, one women’s group felt he would be the perfect speaker for one of their event. The Florida congressman will speak at a Women for America First event on Friday night. And the event will be held at Trump’s Doral property.

The group, who have been connected to January’s insurrection, said in  statement, “Congressman Matt Gaetz has been a fearless leader in Washington. Few members of Congress have been more willing than Matt to stand up and fight on behalf of President Trump and his America First Agenda.”

Gaetz also promoted the event, tweeting, “Join me at Trump Doral Friday! Thank you to ‘Women for America First’ for the invitation to share my vision for our great nation.”

The hypocrisy of an accused sexual predator appearing at a women’s event should not be lost on anyone. The same group, though, faithfully defended Donald Trump at every turn despite the 20 plus allegations of sexual misconduct levied against him.

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