Opinion: It’s Time To Charge Trump With Criminally Negligent Mass Homicide

It is beyond speculation any longer to pretend that Trump’s “willful failure” to protect the American public from the COVID-19 pandemic led to hundreds-of-thousands of unnecessary deaths” according to a study submitted at the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity conference. That willful failure means that Trump is culpable for committing criminally negligent mass homicide of American citizens.

Earlier this week Trump lashed out at Doctors’ Anthony Fauci and Debra Birx accusing them of rewriting history to cover their responsibility for the spread of his plague and sundry other faux outrages.  But he and he alone is responsible for hundred-of-thousands of American citizens’ deaths. He may not have intentionally killed Americans by not taking steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but he is responsible all the same for negligence borne of malfeasance. In Trump’s case, it is malfeasance in being more concerned about being reelected that protecting American citizens..

According to legal experts across the nation, “intentional conduct to kill a human being” is not the focus of “criminally negligent homicide.” Criminally negligent homicide “addresses situations where a defendant is aware of a situation, knows it’s dangerous, but ignores a risk that results in a death of another.

Trump was warned as early as November 2019, and throughout December, of the “cataclysmic” public health, economic,  and national security dangers posed by the corona virus, and still he did nothing. It is true he banned travel from China, but after the ban about 40,000 people who were in China were allowed to enter the country and spread the virus. Additionally, since the ban went into effect, a whopping 430,000 people travelled from China to the United States; further proving that Trump’s COVID ban was only for optics

Trump even told journalist Bob Woodward that he knew in February 2020 that the virus was an airborne plague, and that he deliberately downplayed the danger to the American public. He did nothing because he was afraid of “spooking the markets” and jeopardizing his reelection.

What incited Trump’s rage against Dr. Birx was her saying that the number of deaths would have been 400,000 fewer  if Trump had enforced the medical experts’ recommended mitigation efforts. Dr. Birx’s remarks were in line with the Brookings report cited above. Although she understated how many Americans could have been spared if Trump had acted like he cared from the outset in November 2019, she was not lying and Trump knows she wasn’t lying. If the Brookings report and Birx’s assessment are correct, then Trump is still responsible for about 400,000 American deaths.

Trump also lashed out at Dr. Anthony Fauci for what he called “flip-flopping” on how best to staunch the virus’ spread, but all he did was demonstrate what a know-nothing buffoon he really is. Any eighth grade science student knows that science is an evolving enterprise. It is all the more the case with a “novel” infectious disease like COVID-19. It is likely Trump cannot comprehend what the word novel means in scientific parlance, or more in line with reality, he is just a nasty piece of work.

Speaking of Dr. Fauci, Trump attempted to demonize him for not forcing the FDA to fast-track approval of the Covid vaccine and said he was forced to press for a quick approval process. That is simply not true. Dr. Fauci had no authority to press the FDA – that was Trump’s responsibility. In fact, there was palpable fear at the FDA in July 2020 that Trump would “force” the agency to approve a vaccine before it was ready to make himself look like a hero in time for the presidential election.

Trump supporters claim he is only responsible for mishandling the plague he allowed to enter the country,  but claiming he mishandled it  is a stretch. He didn’t mishandle anything, and his incompetence played no part in the death of over 550,000 American citizens. He was surrounded by very competent people that he didn’t listen to and in fact, “overturned” recommendations by the likes of Doctors Fauci and Birx; not because he was ignorant of the threat to American lives and the economy, but because he didn’t want to “spook the markets” and jeopardize his reelection.

The way Trump handled the plague that he allowed to ravage America wasn’t even negligent, it was a well thought out scheme to enhance his chance of reelection. In fact, one can say it was malice aforethought and carefully calculated. He needs to held accountable for the hundreds-of-thousands of Americans who perished to help his reelection.

As an aside, Trump is wholly responsible for at least 30,000 COVID-19 cases and at least 700 American deaths because he held campaign rallies sans precautions and against warnings from infectious disease experts. That includes the rally where he incited his acolytes to insurrection against the United States government;  another crime for which he must be held accountable. His attempted coup d’état resulted in the deaths of 5 Americans including one law enforcement officer killed by Trump’s dirty little militia.

Although there is little, if any, will in the Biden Department of Justice to prosecute Trump for criminally negligent mass homicide, there is no reason he cannot be the subject of a class action lawsuit for deliberately downplaying the threat to human life of a virulent plague he claimed was a Democratic hoax, and for failing to heed the advice of the medical experts surrounding him.

Dirty Donald Trump was, after all, “aware of a life threatening situation, knew it was dangerous, but ignored a risk that resulted in the deaths of many others.” In Trump’s case his “negligence” resulted in the deaths of over 550,000 American citizens and still counting.

He must be held accountable for mass “negligent” murder. After all, under the last Republican administration America invaded Iraq, deposed its leader Saddam Hussein, and oversaw his execution for killing his own citizens. Trump deserves nothing less.

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