Mike Pence Looks To Get In On The Republican Cash Con With New Group

Former Vice President Mike Pence has launched a conservative political group to take on what he calls “the radical left.” The group, Advancing American Freedom would oppose President Joe Biden and his administration as well as promote and defend conservative values.

Advancing American Freedom plans to build on the success of the last four years by promoting traditional Conservative values and promoting the successful policies of the Trump Administration,” Pence said in a statement released earlier this morning. “Conservatives will not stand idly by as the radical Left and the new administration attempt to threaten America’s standing as the greatest Nation in the world with their destructive policies.”

The group boasts several former Trump administration officials and prominent conservatives among its advisory board, including Kellyanne Conway (former counselor to former President Donald Trump), Larry Kudlow (the former director of the National Economic Council), and Robert Lighthizer (the former United States Trade Representative).

Pence is among several possible candidates for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. However, any future bid would depend on whether Trump chooses to run again. He has maintained a low profile since Biden took office and has lost popularity among Trump’s biggest supporters for declining to overturn the Electoral College results.