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Tired Of Waiting For Republicans To Do the Right Thing, Biden Announces Executive Action To Expand Gun Control

When Joe Biden was running for president, he promised to use executive action to help with the gun problem in America. While he was initially focused on vaccines and the economy, he got around to the issue on Wednesday night.

Following two March mass shootings, Biden said, “I don’t need to wait another minute – let alone an hour – to take common-sense steps that will save the lives in the future, and I urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act.”

Of course, Republicans had little interest in doing anything. Following the shootings in Boulder and Atlanta, GOP lawmakers again ran out their ridiculous excuses for why any measure of gun control was out of bounds.

Tonight, the President announced new measures that will focus on ghost guns and different loopholes. Ghost guns are firearms used in crimes that have no serial numbers. Biden will look to create a plan to stop the proliferation of these weapons.

Biden also wants it to be easier for red flag laws to be used. These laws, “would allow police or family members to petition courts to temporarily remove firearms from people in crisis.”

The White House said in a statement:

“As the president urges Congress to pass legislation that will create an appropriate, national red flag law and also pass legislation that incentivizes states to adopt red flag laws, the Justice Department’s published model legislation will make it easier for states that want to adopt red flag laws to do so.”

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