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As Mass Shooter Opens Fire In Texas, Greg Abbott Rants About The Second Amendment

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:26 pm

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Gov. Greg Abbott ranted about the Second Amendment and Joe Biden just before a mass shooting in Bryan, Texas.

As a mass shooter was getting ready to shoot six people at a Texas business park, Gov. Greg Abbott was tweeting:

Greg Abbott won’t allow laws to help tackle the epidemic of mass shootings, but he will allow six people to shot, with one person killed, in Bryan, Texas.

Every sensible gun law is not an attack on Second Amendment rights, but Gov. Abbott accidentally made the point that President Biden was making during the announcement of his executive orders. The violence is senseless and unnecessary, and it time for the nation to act.

Thoughts and prayers from Republicans mean nothing if more people are going to be allowed to needlessly die each day from gun violence. As Greg Abbott was ranting NRA talking points on Twitter six people were shot in his state.

A Texan was dying from gun violence while Greg Abbott was tweeting.

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