Brian Kemp Panics And Warns That Republicans Are Fighting For Their Lives

Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) claimed that people who want to vote are cancel culture and that Republicans are fighting for their lives.

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Here was Kemp on a call with the National Republican Lawyers Association:

There is a very good reason why businesses are choosing to speak out about Georgia‘s new voting law. It turns out that passing a racist voter suppression bill that targets African-Americans while trying to destroy democracy in the state is going to make businesses uneasy. `

Kemp and Republicans thought they would get away with limiting voting rights, and no one would say or do anything to stop them. A state government can’t be “canceled.” Gov. Kemp is hoping to gain political traction by leaning hard into the cancel culture argument, but the underlying panic is clear.

This isn’t going the way that Republicans expected, and as the backlash continues to grow, Kemp and Georgia Republicans have no idea what to do.

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