Nicolle Wallace Bluntly Tells America That Republicans Are Trying To Rig Elections

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace cut through the nonsense and said that Republicans are terrified of any kind of voting that they can’t rig.


Wallace said on her MSNBC show, “When we’re beyond the protests in the street, Eddie, and there’s a real-world example to test our CEOs in this country, whether they believe what they believed when they sent out all their statements affirming their dedication to equality after last summer. In Texas, lawmakers have advanced a bill that would impose, quote, criminal penalties for errors during the election process such as making it a felony for an official to give a voter an absentee ballot application or solicit the submission of an application of the voter does not request it at first. Republicans are terrified of absentee voting, of early voting, of drive-thru voting, of same-day registration, any kind of voting that they can’t rig.”

It really is that simple. Republicans can talk about voter fraud and Trump‘s big lie, but what they are trying to do is rig future elections so that a result like 2020 can’t happen again. It is telling that the lesson that Republicans took away from 2020 wasn’t that they may need different candidates or policies, but that they had to stop people from voting.

Republicans are trying to rig elections, and if every member of the media did what Nicolle Wallace did, the GOP disinformation campaign would be stopped dead in its tracks.

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