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Man Linked to Investigation of Matt Gaetz Expected to Plead Guilty

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Joel Greenberg, a tax collector linked to the Justice Department‘s investigation of Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.), is expected to strike a deal and plead guilty by May 15, according to his attorney, Fritz Scheller, Greenberg is the former tax collector for Seminole County.

“If I get a plea agreement in this case, it’s not something

I’m going to sign right away I have to go over it with my client and there’s always some pushback in negotiation,” Scheller told reporters following a hearing yesterday.

“[If] Mr. Greenberg accepts a plea, or plea agreement, that we want … it will show his sense of remorse — which he does have — a sense of acceptance of responsibility. No. 2, I think he’s uniquely situated,” Scheller added.

Scheller also clarified an earlier remark that Gaetz, who has denied allegations that he violated sex trafficking laws and engaged in other sexual misconduct while in office, should be “worried.”


“When I said, ‘Matt Gaetz would be worried,’ I mean… let me tell you what I’m basing that on. I’m not revealing attorney-client privilege — I want to clarify that — but we’ve seen the number of stories, and the emphasis in the last few days, is on the Matt Gaetz, Joel Greenberg relationship right? So, I mean, (it) wouldn’t be obvious to assume that he would be concerned, you know, some,” he said.


Greenberg faces dozens of charges,  including sex trafficking, stalking, bribery, and defrauding the Paycheck Protection Program. CBS News confirmed that the investigation into Greenberg spurred the investigation into Gaetz.

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