Peter Doocy Asked Another Bad Question, And Pete Buttigieg Smashed It

When he was asked if there is demand for cross country high-speed rail service, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that Americans shouldn’t have to settle for less.


Buttigieg said, “Well, there’s definitely a lot of excitement around America about ensuring that the American people can enjoy a high standard of passenger rail service. Like the President, I don’t Americans should settle for less than citizens in other countries enjoy as a matter of course.”

Doocy’s question was built on the false premise that the American people do not want a good passenger rail system, but Buttigieg turned it around on him and argued that the American people deserve the same service that people in other countries have.

It is a foreign concept to Republicans, but Buttigieg was arguing that the American people also deserve to have nice things. Peter Doocy asks bad questions on a nearly daily basis at these briefings. Fox News has tried to turn him into a martyr, but the Biden administration is smart. They reject the premises behind these questions and often turn the question around on Republicans.

Americans deserve to rail service that is just as good as anywhere else, and claiming that they don’t sounds unpatriotic.

In exchanges such as this one, the Biden White House is exposing the anti-American agenda of Fox News.

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