Toyota Donated To A Seditious House Republican And Now They’re Facing A Boycott

Toyota donated to one of the House Republicans who voted against certifying Joe Biden‘s win, and now some customers are threatening a boycott.

Judd Legum tweeted:

The blowback has been immediate and severe:

The math is simple. Toyota only made a thousand dollar donation to the seditious House Republican. Back in 2015, Toyota made $2,726 on each vehicle sold. If their donation costs them a single customer, they will lose exponentially more money than the $1,000 that they donated.

Boycotts don’t have to be large to cost corporations a lot of money.

The lesson for big business is that people are watching. Campaign donations are speech according to the Supreme Court, which means that who a business donates to is a statement about their values or lack thereof as a corporation.

If Toyota is choosing to support those who attack democracy, then their customers have the right to choose not to buy their products.

Consumers in the free market have a right to not reward those who support sedition.

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