Chris Wallace Calls Out Greg Abbott’s Partisan Hack Hypocrisy On Fox

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace called out Gov. Greg Abbott for not saying anything about abuse at migrant facilities while Trump was president.


Wallace said:

You made news this week reporting that there are cases of sexual abuse at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas, that houses right now more than 1600 children,” the Fox News moderator said. “But the head of a nonprofit that provides legal services to immigrants said this: ‘The only reason why Abbott is now acting like he cares about the children in these facilities is for political reasons.’

Governor, there were thousands of complaints of sexual abuse at migrant shelters during the Trump years. Not to say that what’s going on now is right but we couldn’t find one instance of you complaining and calling that out when President Trump was president.

Gov. Abbott responded with a bunch of words about how different were when Trump was president, but what he couldn’t do was explain why he spoke out now about abuse at migrant detention facilities and didn’t do so then.

The reason why is because Republicans are still trying to build up the narrative of their fake border crisis. The fact is that the situation is better under Biden than it was under Trump. Kids aren’t being ripped away from their parents and then lost.

Greg Abbott got busted by Chris Wallace, who did something that is rare on the Sunday news shows. Wallace exposed Abbott for being a partisan hack hypocrite who only cares about issues like migrant abuse when Democrats are in power.

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