A Terrified Jim Jordan Melts Down Over Democrats Protecting Voting Rights And Expanding SCOTUS

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) started losing it because Democrats may expand the Supreme Court and protect voting rights for minorities.


Rep. Jordan was asked about Democrats looking at expanding the Supreme Court, and then he spiraled into a meltdown:

Yeah, I mean, what do we need a commission for? Where we know where they are at. They are trying to pack the courts, and I guess they are going to put together a commission, but we already know where Democrats want to go. It’s all about political power.

Think in the last six weeks, Democrats in the House, thank goodness for the filibuster. They would pass legislation that would radically change police law. They passed legislation that would radically change police law, and 3 weeks ago, they passed legislation that would radically change immigration law at the same time there’s a crisis on our southern border. They passed two bills that would give amnesty between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants.

This is all political power and radical policies that are coming from the Democrats. We better hope that Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema keep their word and we don’t get filibuster change because if we do, all of this will become law.

Jordan showed what Republicans are terrified of. Republicans are terrified that Democrats will protect voting rights and the 2020 election will become the new normal. Republicans fear minority participation growing in the electoral process, and if they don’t have control of the Supreme Court to block voting rights laws and campaign finance reform, their hold on power will evaporate.

Republicans see their power slipping away, and it is freaking them out.

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