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Opinion: Georgia’s Attorney General Should Send Rudy Giuliani To Prison

Last updated on April 12th, 2021 at 07:08 pm

As if it is a revelation, this week Georgia’s Republican Lieutenant Governor “conceded” that the Republican legislature’s fascist voter suppression law recently signed into law was based on a lie.

It is stunning, really, that a Republican anywhere is willing to tell the truth. Let’s face it, if there was an image to define the word “lie,” it would be the official RNC elephant; no words would be necessary and everyone and their dog would understand precisely what the image means – dirty lying liars.

This past week Georgia’s Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan talked about the restrictive voting law recently signed into law and said it was based on lies and misinformation from Trump’s lap dog Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Duncan, a Republican, said regarding the fascist law:

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“This is really the fallout from the 10 weeks of misinformation that flew in from Trump. I went back over the weekend to really look at where this really started to gain momentum in the legislature, and it was when Rudy Giuliani showed up in a couple of committee rooms and spent hours spreading misinformation and sowing doubt across, you know, hours of testimony.

Of course all the blame doesn’t lie solely with Giuliani, or Trump for that matter. The Republican members of the legislature knew full well that Guiliani is not an election expert, and they also were well aware that Georgia election officials made three separate ballot counts reaffirming that then-President elect Joseph Biden won the election fairly and that Trump lost fairly.

They were also aware that the Georgia Secretary of State fulfilled his job and not only oversaw a fair election, he adhered to Georgia state law and refused to violate his oath of office and cheat for Trump. Still, they sat for hours listening to Giuliani lie through his lying mouth and concluded that the only remedy for a fair election a fascist lost was to pass voter suppression measures to ensure people of color could not vote.

Some of the lies Giuliani spread, it was not misinformation, are so typical of a lying Republican that it is a wonder he wasn’t laughed out of the various committee rooms. Some of the whoppers Giuliani told on December 30, 2020 are not new and came directly from Trump.

Giuliani lied and said that thousands of dead people voted in the Georgia election, voting machines had changed people’s votes and that thousands of others had voted illegally. Regarding voting machines Giuliani said:

Those machines are like Swiss cheese. You can invade them. You can get in them. You can change the vote.

He also claimed that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger “is engaged in what I consider an unlawful cover up.”

Mr. Raffensperger refused to cheat for Trump and overturn the legal election results. So the slimy fascist Giuliani convinced Republicans that his refusal to cheat was unlawful – even though Raffensperger followed the Georgia state constitution to the letter.

Still, taking Giuliani’s false claim as if uttered by the Christian god, the Republican controlled legislature stripped the secretary of state of any authority to oversee elections going forward. That task is now the purview of the same Republican legislators who took Giuliani’s lies as gospel; even though they knew that Giuliani wasn’t an election expert and they all knew the nasty little creep was lying on Trump’s behalf.

Speaking of filthy liars, Georgia’s Republican governor first said the voter suppression legislation was about election security when he signed it. After a rash of corporate and business outrage, the governor said it wasn’t really about election security, it was about election mechanics. Such as legislative mechanisms to prevent people of color from voting. This week the liar said the Republicans had to pass voter suppression legislation to ensure future elections were secure.

If Republicans weren’t inherently corrupt like their demigod Trump, one might expect them to get rid of the voter suppression law immediately. But they are fascists.

The only good news, and it can barely be considered good news, is that Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is investigating Trump’s efforts to influence Georgia’s election results. Ms. Willis is also examining Trump allies who may have assisted him in those efforts. One specific area she is exploring is whether Giuliani may have violated the law by making false statements in front of the state legislature.

If Republicans weren’t corrupt, and if justice prevailed, both Giuliani and Trump will be prosecuted and sent directly to prison.

However, one fully expects Trump or one of his Stasi operatives to convince Georgia’s Republican legislature to pass a law stripping any district attorney or the state’s attorney general of their constitutional authority to investigate or prosecute election meddling or lying to the state legislature. It is what any reputable fascist operation would do and there is little doubt Republicans are a fascist operation with Trump as its leader.

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