The Media Is Now Bluntly Calling Out Republican Racism And Cheating

April Ryan is the latest high-profile media figure to call out the Republican Party for not liking the browning of America and cheating at the polls.


Ryan said on CNN‘s Acosta:

Donald Trump, when he was president, and after his presidency, is rallying the Democrats to go to the polls. And Democrats are winning because of Donald Trump. And that’s why you are seeing all of these anti-voting rights efforts, and restrictive efforts. But I will go back to something that Alice said. Alice said, you know, right now the party is a party of Reagan. Maybe, to an extent. But it’s also a party that’s an anti-browning party. This is a party that does not like the browning of America. This is a party that’s cheating at the polls.

This is a party that’s doing anything, by any means necessary, to continue the try to win so there are a lot of underhanded tactics that we see that have been placed in courtrooms, that have been placed in the court of public opinion as it relates to the Republican party and their efforts to try to get anything pushed through that they want. So the Democrats are rallying, getting more people. You have got Stacey Abrams and more bringing the fight against this at the polls.

Earlier this week, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said that Republicans are trying to rig elections and stop any kind of voting that they can’t control.

The Georgia new Jim Crow voter suppression law has caused many in the media to speak more directly and bluntly about what Republicans are doing. There are still plenty of outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post that are afraid to speak the direct truth about what is going on, but the pendulum is moving, and Republicans are no longer getting a free pass for their racism and cheating.

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