Matt Gaetz Is Now Connected To An Illegal Campaign Funding Scheme In Florida

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has been connected to a scheme to illegally fund the campaigns of fake Democratic candidates in Florida.

Glenna Milberg of WPLG reported:

If there was a crime in Florida involving politics or politicians, it is starting to feel like the odds are good that Matt Gaetz was involved.

It is becoming evident why Gaetz worshipped Trump. Matt Gaetz had his own one-person crime wave going on in the Sunshine State. Gaetz is already looking at the possibility of federal criminal charges that, if he were convicted on, would lock him for the majority of the remainder of his life.

The fake candidates scheme has already gotten a former state senator arrested, and that might be just the beginning as the crime ring disguised as a state political party is being exposed.

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