Jen Psaki Gets Reporter To Admit Their Question Is Not Based On Fact

Jen Psaki was asked about utility companies raising their rates if the corporate tax rate went up, but she got the reporter to admit that the question wasn’t based on fact.


The reporter suggested that utility companies lowered their tax rates after the Trump tax cuts and that they would raise them if Biden increased the corporate tax rate.

Psaki replied, “And have utility companies said that they would raise the cost, and I have not seen it if they have, that they would raise the cost if this bill passed to invest in infrastructure to get the lead out of pipes to make sure there’s clean drinking water and create millions of jobs?”

The reporter answered, “I’m not aware of any specific announcements like tHAT.”

Psaki closed out the exchange by saying, “Well then, I don’t think we have to anticipate it as an issue quite yet.”

One of the important things that Jen Psaki does is that she clarifies and challenges the premises behind questions. The DC and corporate media have gotten away with using Republican talking points as the basis for their questions for years. Just because Republicans say, something doesn’t make it true.

The best way to keep the American people informed is not to allow questions based on ideology and talking points to go unchallenged.

Jen Psaki has brought truth back to the White House communications office.

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