Biden Says It Wasn’t A Hard Decision To Remove US Troops From Afghanistan

While visiting the war dead at Arlington National Cemetery, President Biden told reporters that removing US troops from Afghanistan was not a hard decision.


Biden answered when he was asked if the decision to bring US troops home from Afghanistan was hard, “No. It was absolutely clear. We went for two reasons, Bin Laden and safe haven. From the very beginning. I never thought we were there to somehow unify Iraq. Excuse me, Afghanistan. Never been done. Never been done.”

President Biden has never been a believer in the United States’ forever war in Afghanistan. Joe Biden isn’t going to yield to pressure from the hawks in both parties. Unlike Trump, Biden has the courage to buck the pressure and do what is right for the country.

The United States would have been in Afghanistan forever if Biden did not come along to move the nation forward. Other presidents have wanted to get out of Afghanistan, but it is Joe Biden who got it done and will be bringing thousands of US troops home.

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