Matt Gaetz Is Trying To Stay Out Of Prison By Spending Big Money On Ads Attacking CNN

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is going for the full Trump by trying to save his own skin by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads attacking CNN.

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Politico reported:

Rep. Matt Gaetz on Wednesday announced a six-figure ad buy for a spot that targets CNN as he fights to save his political career amid sexual trafficking allegations.

The new 30-second ad will be featured in the Florida Republican’s congressional district and nationally on select cable networks, according to a statement from Gaetz’s congressional campaign. The ad marks the beginning of Gaetz’s counteroffensive, as he “fight[s] back against a multiweek fake news cycle against him,” it said.

Matt Gaetz is trying to follow Trump’s playbook, but Republicans don’t understand that Trump’s playbook doesn’t work. It isn’t that Trump’s strategy won’t work for other Republicans, but that it didn’t work for Donald Trump.

Trump declared war on the media, including CNN, with the purpose being that the press would serve as his opponent to campaign against while also delegitimizing negative stories against him. Trump’s strategy resulted in Republicans losing the House, the Senate, and the White House all within two years.

No one is rushing to the defense of Matt Gaetz. He isn’t going to change the narrative on the child sex trafficking allegations with some ads.

The ad buy is a last-ditch move from a desperate man who is sinking and running out of ways to avoid prison.

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