Russian Asset Devin Nunes Claims Joe Biden Is Being Secretly Controlled

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who has been labeled a Russian asset, claimed that President Biden is being secretly controlled.


Nunes said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, “The question is we don’t see a lot of Biden every day, of course nobody is calling him out on what is the schedule and what is he doing, I think a lot of us wondering we did not see him in the campaign, something is behind the scenes controlling and building the narratives out and they put their people out in their mouthpieces.”

It is ironic that Rep. Nunes is claiming that someone else is controlling President Biden, when his fellow members of the House, like Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is calling him a Russian asset, “I’m proud that Chairman Adam Schiff and those on the Intelligence Committee wrote into law the agencies to issue this report because now everyone can see what I was excited about and the fact is that they were so comfortable using people like Nunes that a known Russian asset sent information to Devon Nunes at the intelligence committee, we had the package receipt and what prompted that appearance on your show was that I questioned him during a hearing, an open hearing, about what was in the box. When he had received, the same information presumably that Ron Johnson trying to spread around using the position in the Senate as the chairman at that time of the Homeland Security Committee.”

Nunes is accepting packages and information from Russia, but he wants America to believe that President Biden is the puppet. The Russians have been pushing the propaganda that Biden isn’t really in charge for months.

The next step in dealing with the Russian threat to US democracy is to investigate Republicans with Russian ties like Devin Nunes.