Ted Cruz Claims Democrats Are Encouraging Violence After He Incited Capitol Attack

Sen. Ted Cruz claimed that Democrats are encouraging riots and violence after he enabled terrorists who attacked the Capitol.

Cruz tweeted:

Ted Cruz incited the attack on the Capitol by pushing Trump’s big lie and announcing that he would object to certifying the election results. Cruz took this step because he thought that it would win him favor with Trump supporters and boost his 2024 presidential campaign. Trump terrorists were caught on video saying that they were doing what Ted wanted by attacking the Capitol.
Every single Republican who pushed Trump’s big lie and refused to certify the election results has encouraged violence.

Republicans consistently claim that Democrats encourage violence, but it is Republicans who commit acts of violence, attempt to destroy democracy, and attacked the Capitol in a bid to overthrow the government and keep Trump in power.

The people who are trying to tear America apart with support for mass shooters and Jim Crow voting laws all reside in the Republican Party.

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