Dem. Senators Advise Biden to Not Waste Much Time Talking to Republicans About Infrastructure Package

Joe Biden came into office with some big ideas. The first and most important one has already been handled. The new President was able to pass a massive relief bill that helped millions of Americans. The relief bill, despite being enormously popular with all Americans, did not receive one Republican yes vote.

Biden has moved onto his next goal, which is passing a major infrastructure bill. Like the stimulus package, the idea of infrastructure is popular with voters of all parties. GOP senators, though, are already attacking the bill. With that in mind, Democratic senators are urging the President to not waste too much time negotiating with them.

Bernie Sanders opined, “I personally don’t think the Republicans are serious about addressing the major crises facing this country. Maybe I’m wrong, but we’re certainly not going to wait for an indefinite period of time. We’re gonna move forward rapidly. They have something to say? Now is the time to say it.”

Richard Blumenthal has similar sentiments. He told reporters, “He should be skeptical of Republicans, sure. Mitch McConnell has certainly given good reason for skepticism given his staunch resistance, even intransigence, to Biden proposals.”

And Elizabeth Warren weighed in, “It is the president’s responsibility to keep this process moving. We can’t end up months from now with no real progress and no real infrastructure bill.”

On Monday, Biden met with both Republicans and Democrats to discuss the package. He told reporters prior to the meeting, “I am prepared to compromise, prepared to see what we can do, what we get together on.”