Kevin McCarthy Announces Resolution To Censure Maxine Waters As He Does Nothing About Matt Gaetz

Rep. Matt Gaetz is under investigation for child sex trafficking, but Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is offering a resolution to censure Rep. Maxine Waters.

McCarthy announced that he will offer a resolution to censure Waters:

Matt Gaetz still has all of his committee assignments and is still collecting a congressional paycheck even though he is under investigation for a variety of crimes, including child sex trafficking.

Maxine Waters urged black people to stand up for their civil rights. She did not commit a crime or inspire any acts of violence.

One of these members should be censured and expelled from the House, and Kevin McCarthy thinks that it isn’t the potential child sex trafficker.

The resolution to censure Maxine Waters will fail. It is destined for the same fate as McCarthy’s resolution to remove Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) from the Intelligence Committee because he reported being targeted by Chinese spies to the FBI.

McCarthy would rather allow a potential predator to go unpunished within his caucus so that he can score some Trumpian political points with Republican voters by a female African-American member of the House.

In the Republican Party, child sex trafficking is ok, but African-American voting rights are not.

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