WATCH: Psaki Humiliates Fox Reporter Who Asked a Loaded Question About Immigration

Since Joe Biden has been in office, vaccines have gone through the roof. Financial aid was given to millions of Americans and thousands of small businesses. And according to economists, the economy could soon be booming.

Donald Trump and his aides are desperate to distract from Biden’s current success. And Fox News anchors and reporters are in lock-step with the former President’s messaging. But a reporter from the network bit off more than she could chew on Monday when she asked Jen Psaki a misleading question about immigration.

Fox News’ Kristen Fisher queried the press secretary, “I’m still confused about what changed between 1 p.m. on Friday and around 4:30 p.m. on Friday to go from we’re not raising the refugee cap to we are raising the refugee cap by May 15. What changed in those three and a half hours?”

Psaki responded, “We never said we’re not raising the refugee cap. In the morning we said, and it was actually in the information we put out, was once we reach 15,000, we will raise it. That was not accounted for in some of the ways people were digesting the information. And we wanted to be clear and send a message that we are a country that is welcoming refugees. Let’s be clear. We are changing the policies of the last administration.”

Fisher attempted to counter, but soon realized that the policy has not been changed. Fox reporters seeing the folly in asking Psaki gotcha questions on a near daily basis. It does not seem, however, that they will stop asking them anytime soon.