Fox News Has A Shady Presidential Historian With No Background In History

Fox News’s presidential historian, Jane Hampton Cook, claimed Ben Franklin defeated cancel culture, but she has no background in history.

Video of Cook claiming that Ben Franklin was an anti-cancel culture warrior:

These sorts of claims might make one think, what kind of historian would make such claims?

The answer according to Business Insider is one who isn’t a real historian, “Cook has written several books involving the founding fathers, but she does not have a history degree of any sort, according to her LinkedIn page. She lists a bachelor’s degree in music from Baylor University in 1992 and a master’s in education, communications, and public relations from Texas A&M University in 1995.”

Fox News is hosting dubious “historians” to misinform their viewers about the history of the country. Not all historians have degrees in history, but it is a stretch of all credibility to call a person with a music degree and an education masters a presidential historian.

Benjamin Franklin was never president, so what is a self-described presidential doing talking about him?

The whole premise makes no sense, but the suspicion is that Fox News couldn’t find a legitimate academic historian to make these absurd claims, so they dug up one of their own to do the job.

There is no limit to how low Fox will go to spread their ideology and deceive.

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