Nicolle Wallace Warns Republicans That They Can’t Win Nationally if They Stay Loyal to Trump

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:51 pm

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Donald Trump really, really wants to stay in control of the Republican party. And he’s doing everything he can to do so. If a GOP lawmaker speaks out against him, he finds a primary opponent for them. And he has powerful backers in his corner like Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham and the entire Fox News network.

But what these cowering Republicans don’t seem to realize is that Trump isn’t all that popular with voters. In fact, a new poll released by the former President’s DNI John Bolton showed that Trump’s popularity is dwindling.

Nicolle Wallace referenced that poll during her Wednesday show. “But what I wanted to know was, what is lumped into personality,” she asked. Right? Is it the big lie? Inciting an insurrection? It is all about it Independents do not like Trump anymore? And may have taken a few years but I think the harder question for Republicans to answer is then this is who you are, right? I think that’s probably the conclusion you’ve reached.”

The MSNBC host continued, “I don’t think you can run someone who’s minus 20 among Independents if you’ve got 20 to 29 to 25 is the drop in Republican registration just last year, pre-insurrection and pre what happened last night. Do you think that the calculation will be let’s try to harden — the calculation now seems to be let’s harden the 25 percent. You can’t win anything nationally with 25 percent.”

Whether Trump stays in power of the GOP much longer remains to be seen. The former President will have to come out on top in his current legal predicaments and that seems somewhat unlikely. If he does make it through, though, he is likely to drag his party down with him.

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