Biden Should Laugh At Mitch McConnell’s Joke Infrastructure Plan That Keeps Tax Cuts For The Rich

Senate Republicans have made an unserious offer on infrastructure of a five-year plan worth $568 billion that does virtually nothing.

Bloomberg reported on the Senate Republican proposal:
Senior Senate Republicans offered a $568 billion counter to President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion jobs package Thursday, one that’s focused on more traditional infrastructure like roads and bridges and doesn’t have the corporate tax hikes that Democrats are seeking.

The five-year plan more than doubles the Biden proposal for roads and bridges — to $299 billion — and spends the rest on items including transit, rail, airports, water projects and broadband. It offers few specifics on how to pay for the spending beyond references to taxing electric cars and repurposing unspent funds. It specifically opposes rolling back any of the 2017 GOP tax cuts or adding to the national debt.

The Republican plan spends nothing on electric vehicles and eldercare. It also proposes a tax on electric vehicles and keeps the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations in place. Republicans want to spend less on upgrading broadband and mass transit.

The Biden plan is innovative and transformative. The Republican plan is a stale exercise in political hackery that is nothing more than a cover story for protecting tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

America needs more than some road and bridge repairs. The country needs a vision for the future that will propel it into an economic boom and back into the global lead on infrastructure and technology.

The message in the Republican plan is that Senate Republicans aren’t serious about working together for the American people.

Joe Biden has too much class to laugh in McConnell‘s face, but the Senate Republican plan should go straight from Biden’s desk and into the trash can because it is a non-starter.

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