Conservative Radio Host Chris Baker Gets Fired Over Tweet About Derek Chauvin’s Verdict

Omaha radio host Chris Baker, the host of a conservative program on KFAB Radio, sparked controversy after he posted a tweet about Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict with a gif of four Black loincloth-wearing tribesmen dancing in celebration.

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Baker later deleted the tweet amid backlash, but screenshots continued to circulate on social media, including one taken by state Senator John McCollister, who represents an Omaha district.

Racism like this is a FEATURE of conservative talk radio but they usually mask it with dog whistles,” McCollister wrote. “But not this time.”

Baker’s only response after deleting the tweet was, “Not funny at all, stop it,” as he continued to face criticism.

Baker was later fired by KFAB.

“We are aware of the completely inappropriate and unacceptable tweet that was posted late Tuesday afternoon. Please know that this does not represent our viewpoint or our values, and we take this situation very seriously. Accordingly, Chris Baker’s employment with our Company has been terminated,” the statement read.

In an interview with 3 News Now, Dr. Nikitah Imani, a professor of Black Studies at the University of Nebraska Omaha, explained why the tweet was hitting a sore nerve.

“What’s really being pushed there is not simply the statement that people of African descent are celebrating the verdict, but also to associate people of African descent with a lower level of civilization,” he said. “That is to say, if we were going to talk about the disturbances that happened in January it would be unlikely that someone would find an indigenous group in the middle of the jungle in Europe and put them there and say this and I think people would immediately recognize that someone did do that that would be offensive.”

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