Former GOP Rep: I’d Take Liz Cheney Over Matt Gaetz in a Bar Fight Any Day

Back in January, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney cast her vote to impeach Donald Trump. It was a principled moved by the Rep., one of the more powerful Republicans in Congress. Matt Gaetz, ever the Trump loyalist, went to her home state weeks later to hold an anti-Cheney rally.

And while Gaetz, dealing with significant issues, has gone silent, many other Republicans continue to take shots at Cheney. The latest was Rep. Mike Kelly who likened the Wyoming congresswoman to a girlfriend that had spurned him.

Former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman, though, says he’d rather have Cheney in his corner over the Republican bootlickers any way. He told host Nicolle Wallace, “I know it’s hard to believe now but I was a bouncer back in the day, and I want to make a comparison here. You usually identify somebody in that environment, the guy or the gal who’s going to sit next to you in a bar fight.”

Riggleman continued:

“Liz Cheney’s going to be there whether the odds look bad or good. She’s going to be the one next to you in a bar fight. I like defiant. I like somebody who thinks truth and facts are the things you need to stand on and I think if you’re in that bar fight, looking at the type of people that you have, I think Liz would be shoulder to shoulder with me when I was trying to get a bad person out of there. I think the people like Matt Gaetz, they’re going to look for the nearest spring breakers and go hide behind them. That’s the difference. I’ll take Liz Cheney in a bar fight every day and you can have the Matt Gaetzs and all those individual.”

Cheney has an uphill battle trying to fight for her party. She is currently facing one 2022 primary opponent and Donald Trump has promised more.