Kevin McCarthy Freaks Out As House Passes DC Statehood Bill


House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) freaked out and ranted about socialist conspiracies just before the House passed the D.C. statehood bill.


Before the House passed the DC statehood bill 216-208, McCarthy said, “Upending a framework that has been in place since 1869. Yesterday it was reported 100 Democrats to sign a letter urging Democrats to abolish the filibuster. And not since the democratic party is pushing to silence the voice of many Americans. And now the Democrats are moving on D.C. Statehood, another ploy to consolidate power so they can jam through socialist policies, like the green new deal, court-packing, and defending of the police. They do not even deny that that is their objective.”


Democratic representation in the US government is a socialist conspiracy for Democrats to consolidate power. If D.C. became a state, it would be larger than three red states in terms of population (Alaska, Wyoming, and North Dakota).

It is not fair for small red states to have outsized Senate representation while D.C. has none.

D.C. statehood terrifies Republicans because it would hand Democrats a Senate majority that would destroy the filibuster and give the majority of Americans a government that would respond to and represent their needs, and democratic representative government is the enemy of the Republican Party.

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