Senate Democrats Move Fast On Biden’s Judicial Nominees To Remake The Courts

Senate Democrats will take advantage of their majority to move quickly on President Biden‘s judicial nominees.

The Washington Post reported:

Democratic lawmakers are moving quickly to review Biden’s nominees to take advantage of their slim majority in the Senate and begin to remake the courts with judges from diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

All five nominees under consideration next Wednesday are people of color, including two Black women nominated to federal appeals courts in Washington and Chicago and a former New Jersey prosecutor who would be the nation’s first Muslim American to serve on a federal trial court. In contrast, President Donald Trump’s picks were mostly white men.

Senate Democrats know that their majority is slim and on the ballot in 2022, so they are going to move quickly to restore the courts after Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump spent the previous four years making the courts whiter, more male, and more prone to conservative judicial activism.

Democrats have been moving quickly on all fronts. They wasted no time passing the stimulus bill. They are setting the stage for quick passage of a massive infrastructure bill, and they still have actions on voting rights and immigration on the horizon.

One of the major priorities of President Biden and Congressional Democrats should be to undo the damage that Trump did to the courts, and early indications are that Senate Democrats are ready to act.