Kevin McCarthy Refuses To Answer Chris Wallace’s Questions About Trump Cheering On Capitol Attack

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) refuses to answer the question when he was asked if Trump cheered on the attack on the Capitol.


When asked by Chris Wallace if his account of Trump basically cheering on the attack was true, McCarthy tried to rewrite the history of January 6 by answering, “What I talked to President Trump about, I was the first person to contact him when the riots was going on. He didn’t see it. What he ended the call saying he would put something out to make sure to stop this, and that’s what he did. He put a video out later.”

Wallace asked for a second time, and McCarthy said, “My conversations with the president are my conversations with the president.”

The House Minority Leader then tried to rewrite more history.

McCarthy then claimed that he and Trump never discussed the phone call that is under investigation and said that he and Trump never talked to get their story straight about the call, which is under federal criminal investigation.

Republicans are trying to make January 6th go away. They don’t want to talk about, are engaged in an active campaign to diminish the attempt to overthrow the government, and are still trying to cover for Trump.

Rep. McCarthy is going all-in on Trump because he thinks that Trump will win the House back for Republicans next year, but he essentially called a member of his own caucus a liar.

McCarthy looked America in the eye and lied, as Republicans are still covering for Donald Trump.

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