Rick Scott Crumbles When He Gets Busted For Giving Trump A Fake Award For Election Lies

Sen. Rick Scott tried to defend giving Trump a fake award for “hard work,” but his answer further exposed the sham.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, a couple of weeks back, you gave former President Trump something you called the Champion of Freedom Award. That was on April 10th. And you did that despite the fact that the former president continues to spread lies about the election, about Mike Pence and Capitol siege on January 6th. He said there was no threat there.

Doesn’t giving the president an award like that endorse that kind of behavior?

SCOTT: I gave him that award for the right reasons. He — he worked on border security. He worked on creating the best economy we’ve had probably in my lifetime. He — he worked on holding Xi and China accountable, the Castro regime accountable, Maduro accountable, helping Israel, got the Abraham Accords signed. So, I mean, he — I mean he worked hard. You know, every president I know would like to get more things accomplished, but, I mean, he — he did some things that prior presidents had not gotten done.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, except you gave that award after he spread the lies about the election.
The award was a sham, and as Stephanopoulos pointed out, it was given to Trump after he had spent weeks and months pushing his big lie that the election was stolen from him.

Hard work is not something that was associated with the Trump presidency. Donald Trump spent 57% of his weekend days as president playing golf and visited one of his properties every 3.4 days as president. Trump’s leaked private schedules showed him doing virtually nothing.

Scott had no answer for the fact that he rewarded Trump for attacking the nation’s election integrity. He offered some silliness about hard work when in reality, there is no good reason for Trump to get an award for anything.

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