Another Trump Traitor Bites The Dust As Doug Collins Won’t Run In 2022

Former Rep. Doug Collins who was being floated as a Republican Senate candidate in Georgia announced that he wouldn’t run for anything in 2022.

Here is the statement from Collins:

Collins was one of Trump‘s biggest defenders and enablers in the House. Collins ran for Senate in Georgia last year but finished third in the Republican primary. He was being touted as a potential primary challenger to Gov. Brian Kemp or a top-tier Senate candidate to run against Sen. Raphael Warnock.

With both Collins and David Perdue deciding not to run for Senate in 2022, Republicans may be forced to run Herschel Walker or one of any number of lower-tier Republicans for a seat that they are desperate to win back.

The Trumpers are not finding it to be easy sledding early in the 2022 campaign.

Collins is most well known for his racism and humiliating himself during Trump’s impeachment hearings.

America as a nation is much better off without Doug Collins running for office in 2022 or any other point in the future.

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