Biden Puts On His Shades And Smoothly Destroys A Snarky Question About Masks

President Biden took down a question with more than a little snark about the President wearing a mask outdoors.


The exchange:

Reporter: Sir, you chose to wear a mask as you walked out here. What message were you sending wearing a mask while alone?

President Biden: And watch me leave it off until I get back inside.

Sometimes it seems like the White House Press Corps is still dealing with some leftover Trump laziness because the question that was asked was the kind of thing they would have gotten away with during the Trump administration.

Biden wasn’t alone. There were reporters, and one assumes staff on hand for his remarks. He wasn’t speaking all by himself in front of a camera in the White House backyard.

President Biden didn’t take off his sunglasses and gave the question less than a sentence before he knocked it down.

It is important for the country, and the press, to have a president who can think on his feet and deliver answers that push reporters to do better.

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