Chris Hayes: Is Tucker Carlson Evil or in the Midst of a Genuine Breakdown

Tucker Carlson has not had an easy time since Donald Trump has been out of office. And with OAN and Newsmax breathing down Fox’s neck, Carlson is willing to say anything for ratings.

But he went a step farther than usual during an anti-mask rant on Monday. The Fox host encouraged his viewers to harass people wearing masks outdoors. He even said that people should call Child Protective Services on parents who mask their children.

Chris Hayes lit into the competition on Tuesday and wondered if the Fox host is experiencing a “genuine breakdown.”

The MSNBC host began, “Masks got turned into this insane culture war cudgel. We saw anti-mask protests, people claiming masks were a sign of tyranny. And conspiracy theories went wild.”

Hayes continued:

 “Last night the highest rated personality on Rupert Murdoch’s cable network told his viewers to call the police if they see a child in a mask outdoors. You know, it’s either trolling, or it’s someone in the midst of a genuine breakdown, or it’s evil. Or some combination of all three. We all recognize that’s psychotic, right? That’s how psychotic it’s gotten. We are the people who believe in liberty. You on the left believe in tyranny, but we’re gonna call cops if you put a mask on your kid and have them take away your kids. Cool.”

Donald Trump is out of Washington DC and will hopefully never come back. But the hosts on Fox News don’t seem interested in forgetting about the strange little wars that he started.